Hello! I’m Jan. 


I am a facilitation and training consultant. I work with companies to build a more positive and diverse workforce. I provide training to promote diversity, prevent bullying, harassment and discrimination, and I ensure that you have policies and procedures in place to protect you the employer and your employees.

What I do

My training sessions provide participants with a better understanding of – and skill in – creating, maintaining and/or repairing workplace relationships. It’s a conversation that readies leaders and employees for the demographic changes in NZ, diversity of thought, healthy communication patterns, and builds engagement across the organisation.


I have a Diploma in Facilitation from Zenergy International, experientially studying the nature of groups, group issues, how groups do and don’t work, and individuals within groups. This is vital for facilitating people who are experiencing the complexities of a diverse work force and trying to eliminate and/or minimise harassment and discrimination. I worked as the Human Rights Commission’s harassment prevention trainer and have been their preferred provider in this area. Before that I was a trainer for the Public Service Association for 12 years, and a teacher of neuro-diverse children for 12 years.